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HPBA Sections FAQ

This page lists some of the more common questions surrounding HPBA's new Sections model.  Should you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Jamie Beaulieu, Director of Membership & Affiliates -; 703-522-0086 x148.

In October of 2012, the HPBA Board of Directors voted to create product sections for manufacturer participation.  Current sections include:

  1. Electric Hearth Products (forming in 2014) - Covers manufacturers of electric fireplaces and accessories used for such appliances, as well as OEM suppliers
  2. Gas Hearth Appliances - Covers manufacturers of gas hearth appliances, and accessories used for such appliances, including venting and OEM suppliers. Does not include gas logs.
  3. Gas Logs (forming in 2014) - Covers manufacturers of gas logs, as well as OEM suppliers
  4. Outdoor Appliances (formally the Barbecue Section)  - Covers manufacturers of all outdoor appliances and fuels including: grills, smokers, accessories for barbecue products, patio heaters, fire pits, outdoor hearth appliances and accessories, including OEM suppliers
  5. Solid Fuel Hearth Appliances - Covers manufacturers of wood or pellet hearth appliances and their components, including venting and OEM suppliers.

Why Sections?

Sections were created in an effort to make a member's experience with HPBA more robust.  The association now provides more opportunity for members with the same product types to work together on common projects.  This allows for the product groups to supplement the association’s program, which is a value-add to each member.  Last but not least, reorganizing the association into sections gives more fiscal and policy voice to those members directly impacted by a project.

Do I have to join?
Yes. Every manufacturer member of HPBA must join all appropriate sections based on the products that they make.  This is to your benefit, as all member companies will now have a seat at the table when it comes to the best interests of your products.

What does it cost?
The sections model does not necessarily mean more money out of your pocket.  In the previous model, the Board of Directors voted on what projects HPBA would take on and also determined what additional money it would cost the member.  With sections, the section itself will vote on taking on any new projects that would be seen as above and beyond the scope of general association funds.  

What do I have to do?
First, when you join HPBA or renew your membership, select the appropriate section(s) that you should be included in and make sure to include the percentage of your North American sales which fall into each.

Next, in order to make sure we have all of the information we need, make sure your organization's product offerings list is up-to-date. On the home screen, click on "Update Organization Profile" to select all products that your company manufacturers (note: do not make selections based on items that your products are used in).

Lastly, based on your selections to the items above, we will ask you for a contact person for each applicable section and/or subsection.  This will be the person we contact for all matters related to the section/subsection.  It can be the same person or multiple people within your organization and can be changed at anytime with notification. 

Does my Section have Subsections?
The following subsections have been formed (as of November 2013):

Gas Hearth Appliances Section
Subsection – Heater Rated
Subsection – Decorative
Subsection – Vent Free
Subsection – Gas Controls
Subsection – Venting (Gas)
Subsection – Assessed - Others

Outdoor Appliances Section
Subsection – Barbecues and Smokers
Subsection – Outdoor Heater/Hearth
Subsection – Barbecue Accessory

Solid Fuel Hearth Appliance Section
Subsection – Fireplaces (Masonry, Mfd Wood)
Subsection – Pellet Stoves & Inserts
Subsection - Wood Stoves & Inserts
Subsection – Warm Air Furnaces
Subsection – Hydronic Heaters
Subsection – Masonry Heaters
Subsection – Venting (Solid Fuel)
Subsection – Assessed-Others

Updated 7/30/2014

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